Owen Quinn

the modern male companion

Do you carter to male clients?
Unfortunately not. While I fully love and support my friend in the LGBTQ community. My services are only available strictly to female clients, and adventurous couples that understand and respect my boundaries.

What is your cancellation policy?
I understand life happens and sometimes plans need to change. If you could please let me know as soon as possible to any change of plans, it would be greatly appreciated. Be aware however that while touring I have overhead costs I must cover and any change in plan within 48hrs of our meeting may forfeit your deposit. While at home in Vancouver this is reduced to 24hrs notice.

Do you require screening? To ensure both my safety and yours I require a short screening process: Either through reference from another provider, employment verification or a picture of your government ID (full name, picture and date of birth must be visible everything else can be blacked out if wanted).

How can I Insure my privacy? Privacy is at the utmost importance to me. Discretion is a a must as I have a successful traditional career and you can expect nothing less from myself. Any screening info given you can be assured will be handled carefully and then deleted once confirmed.

What will our time together entail? As for services I don't have a "menu" so to speak. I would say an experience with myself will feel like a genuine “Boy Friend Experience”. I do not play a character and what you get is the “real” me. Tho Owen isn’t my actual name the rest of the experience is all me. My goal is to make you feel relaxed and adored, even if only for a few hours. If you have something specific in mind please ask. I am fairly open minded as long as it’s both safe and consensual. I take health and safety seriously and will not compromise this under any circumstance.

Do you provide kink services? If you would like to indulge in something more adventurous let me be your guide. While I am in no way a professional dome, I am experienced and well versed in safe play practices. Let me help you explore your curiosities in safety and comfort. All expectations and boundaries are throughly discussed before hand (both yours and mine). I can not guarantee I can provide a specific service, but will never judge you for asking. We all have our own tastes.

How will you come dressed to our meeting? I tend to dress to the occasion. When traveling I typically travel with a wide assortment of clothing usually ranging from a tailored suit to casual attire. If a request isn’t made I will do my best to dress to the situation. You can ensure I will arrive dressed professionally and groomed to the occasion.

I really would like to meet you but you are so far away! Will you come to me? I am more than willing to meet you anywhere. I keep a passport within reach at all times and can travel nearly anywhere. All travel expenses and lodgings are require to be covered by you on confirmation of booking including a %50 deposit for my time.

I wish to feel I am being treated to an evening out. How can we make this happen? If you like the idea of feeling like I am treating you to a more traditional date, this can be arranged. I am happy to plan a date for us to enjoy. To handle the expenses end we can work out a plan for the evening and then you can either send me a transfer, or provide a pre-paid visa. I will use this to then pay for the evening while we are out.

What is your Ideal Client? I am very open and accepting to all. I do not discriminate against race, age, weight, or disability. That being said I find that I have the best compatibility with woman and couples ages 25-55. This doesn’t mean I won’t see you outside of this range, but I mention this only to ensure that you find the best possible experience.