Owen Quinn

the modern male companion



Manners maketh man

You can expect nothing but the best from me. I will show up prim, proper and on time. All interaction will be thoroughly talked about so there is a good understanding of your and my boundaries.

I will be groomed and fresh for our appointment, please return the favour. If we’ve had a bit of social time, I will excuse myself to freshen up before private time. Please do not feel offended if I extend an invite to join me. I wish for you to have the best experience possible. This requires that I am comfortable and is never meant to be rude or a slight.

I accept cash, eTransfer (within Canada), PayPal or payment in bitcoin. Whichever is most convenient for you. If using cash please have the donation ready in an unsealed envelope on our first meeting. Deposits are required for longer engagements and for all touring appointments.

Our time together starts at our scheduled time. I am accommodating of slight delays but please be respectful of my time if you are meeting me. You can insure my timely arrival if I am meeting you. If you are overly late or I don’t hear from you close to the suggested confirmation time I may have to cancel our time together.