Owen Quinn

the modern male companion


Take a moment to read through my rendezvous offerings. If you don’t see something that fits your bill please feel free to contact me. I have quoted here both my rate at home in Vancouver in $CAD and for my adventures south of the 49th Parallel in $USD.


$400 USD

$250 CAD

You know exactly what you want. Let’s cut straight to the chase. You have my undivided attention for a fleeting moment.

$800 USD

$500 CAD

A brief encounter for the woman busy conquering the world. Let’s take a short reprieve from hectic day-to-day life to enjoy each other.

$1200 USD

$950 CAD

Every woman loves to be wined and dined. Let’s slow down and enjoy each other’s company over drink and a bit to eat. *my favourite for new clients*

$1400 USD

$1250 CAD

The slow ride. Let get more creative with our time together. Let’s explore the city, hike the path less taken. Find a speak easy to have a cocktail or catch a performance/event.

$3000 USD

$2200 CAD

Yours for the evening or a day escape. Let’s wake up in each other’s arms or escape on an adventure for the day.

$4000 USD

$3200 CAD

Let me pamper you for the day. Massage, food or indulge in the less common. You deserved to be the centre of someone’s world.


THE MOJITO (TRAVEL OPTIONS)Extended Escapes. Let me be your travel companion on the trip you’ve always wanted to take. Or let me show you some of the places I’ve fallen in love with. Whether for a weekend or multiple weeks. I can cater to your needs. Please inquire about donations as they may very, depending on type of get away.

Couples: I am more than willing to bring something new to your relationship. I require to talk with both you and your loved one. I will NEVER partake in “surprise” get togethers. While I’ve no qualms pleasuring you with your partner, I do not participate in Male to Male activities. As such I do not charge extra to see couples as my interaction is limited only to female partners.

Duos: I have some amazing female colleagues that would love to join us. Donation is typically mine + theirs. Check out my duo’s page for my favourite partners or if you have someone in mind let me know and we can try to put together a meeting.

Social Time: Are you looking for a bit of company, some arm candy to an office party or perhaps you just wish to see if we are compatible before you book something more extravagant. I am happy to oblige. I am available for platonic fun at $250 USD in the US and $120 CAD per hour while home.

Authentic BFE Hoodie: Add on option. I buy a brand new hoodie, wear it for a for a bit and then to our date. At the end of our evening you claim it as your own and I never see it again. Just add the price of the hoodie to any date. If you have a favourite brand or sports team I can take requests. Otherwise I’ll try to choose something on the plain and comfy side.

Fellow Sex workers: Personally meeting with a companion has been incredibly therapeutic for myself during hard times. As a fellow sex worker I know how much you give to other people. Sometimes at the cost of overlooking your own needs and wellbeing. So let me help you treat yourself to the attention you deserve/crave. I offer a discount as a way of saying thank you for all you do. I require a bit of additional screening from you to secure this option, such as a link to your website or an advertisement. To help ease your mind that this is a sincere offer I can provide you with character references from female providers. Please contact me for more information about the adjusted rates. Also keep in mind that this discount is meant for those that need a bit of closeness and is only available for one on one get togethers.

*All rendezvous over 2hrs require social time.

*Any slumber parties also require at least 6hrs resting. I love to be the big spoon.

*Extended getaways require a few hours daily apart so I can centre myself and be the best man I can be.