Owen Quinn

the modern male companion

Fireball of wit and sexual energy

Fireball of wit and sexual energy

Elsi Dawson

Miss Dawson is one of a kind. There has never been a woman more stuffed to the brim with sarcastic wit and unbridled sexual mischief. We “thoroughly” enjoy each-others company and it shows. We are best fitted to those looking to take a walk on the wild side.


Reigning Taco Queen of Vancouver

Reigning Taco Queen of Vancouver

Peyton Alexander

A self proclaimed masochistic Canucks fan and the Reigning Taco Queen of Vancouver. Her passion in the boudoir is matched only by that of her fanaticism. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the Canucks live with her. Our company is best fitted for those wanting a more intimate get together.



Have someone specific in mind.

If you have a specific provider in mind please let me know and I can try and reach out. While I can’t promise anything as all providers have their own comfort level I will do my best to connect us.